Love In The Woods

July 13, 2019  Running Journal


Since Scout’s passing, I have more time to do some creative writing.  I love literature and would love to draw people into my experiences with my artful blogging.  I often imagine my hikes, and runs, again and again after I have completed them.  I hope to capture some of the beauty and feeling of my adventure.

I am writing about my run today with extreme exuberance.  It was so beautiful running up to Tizer Lake outside Helena.  I was planning a 20 miler, but the weather didn’t hold so, I had to cut it short due to thunder and lightning.  I got in 17.5 miles with 2,775’ elevation gain.  The plan is two back to back long runs to finish up training for the Ultra Marathon in two weeks.

I am inspired to write this because there was a beautiful mist that I ran through.  When I started, it was warm and sunny.  After a few hours of climbing I saw very large hail still on the dirt road that is impassable without anything but a great 4×4.  The hail had caused so many pine branches to break off it smelled like being at a Christmas tree lot.  As the temperature dropped there was a large mist blowing across the road that was mesmerizing, and when I paused, I could see my exhaled breath looking like the mist.  I was drenched in sweat so, it was an odd and awesome experience.

Matt rode his Can-Am and stopped to fish several times.  He caught (4) Brook Trout and found a ceramic bowl = trail running treasure, TRT!

There were white Shasta Daisies, pink wild roses, and evidence of bear.  On a negative, I ran past a group of rude paintballers that thought it was funny to shoot their many rounds at the ground and watch me jump.  They continued to laugh and carry on as I cruised by.  Still cruising, on the downhill, I got a high five from a guy climbing up in a razor!   There were deer flies I battled looking like a person having a seizure, I know because I could see my shadow! My arms were flailing overhead.  Why do they have to be so aggressive and bite?    I enjoyed many minutes with a lovely black moth that flew with me on the quiet pine needle cushioned trail.  I noticed the sun filtering down through trees… and because this moth was so friendly, and close, I imagined the it was Scout’s spirit.  Lastly, I saw the most beautiful pastel yellow moth I’ve ever seen.   It was softly fluttering along, then landing and quickly floating up, up, and away.

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