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Reiki is like smelling your favorite foods or hearing your favorite music come on.  To me, it feels like coming home to your favorite place in your home, smelling warm banana bread, & holding a warm mug of coffee, or tea.  A sense of comfort coming over me.  It’s an awwh, release of an exhaled breath & a warm self- compassion feeling.

Reiki can help heal anxiety, loneliness, & grief.  My new Reiki offering is utilizing a guided meditation & music during the session to connect with your higher self, or spirit guides.  It is a relaxing session.  You choose, either hands on, or hands off.

Reiki is endorsed by Cynthia Walters, DNP, RN, AHN-BC, Heather Konstanzer, BSN, RN, HIHC-CSp, & Julia Rodriguez, BSN RN in the American Nurse Today Magazine; Volume 14, Number 11;   And, me, Christie Cox BSN, RN, CEN, BSMS, & Reiki Practitioner.  Why? Because human touch, or prana, life force energy is comforting.  “Understanding how Reiki works begins by acknowledging the human body is composed of energy.  Remember Einstein’s equation (E=mc squared)-all mass (or matter), including the human body, is equal to energy.  Energies within the body make continual adjustments to maintain homeostasis (balance).  Just as Western-trained healthcare professionals understand the physical body contains blood vessels, a lymph system, & organs, Reiki Practitioners recognize the body’s pathways, meridians, & chakras.  Energy medicine is based on the premise that disease is an imbalance occurring in the energy pathways.  When a pathway is chronically out of balance, or when several systems aren’t in harmony, illness or disease may occur.  Meridians serve as the body’s energy highway & chakras as its energy centers.”

“Reiki works by restoring the body’s homeostasis.  While the patient is fully clothed, the practitioner places her hands on, or near, the patient’s body in a series of positions around the neck, abdomen, & feet creating an energy flow.” American Nurse Today as sighted above.

On a personal note Reiki at the end of yoga, during savasana, helped me not grieve so much in 2017, which was a particularly stressful year.  It just gave me that feeling of comfort I was seeking.

Feel free to call, or e-mail any questions, or to schedule an appointment.

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