Crystals Help Grief

Aroma Bead Bracelets


CRYSTALS………I have several in windows at my house in memory of loved ones, & Scout, who have gone on. 

As part of my reading to find relief from pain & grief I came across a book by Ardath Rodale titled Gifts Of The Spirit.  She wrote about thoughts and feelings a crystal hanging in a window can elicit with an idea shared.  I am changing it slightly to wearing a crystal.  “At unexpected times you will see rainbows dancing.  Let this be a happy reminder that even though the one you love is not physically here, their energy never dies & their spirit is alive & well, dancing in the hearts of those who love them still.”  That was 22 years ago.

 I’ve given large crystals with this quote written out in condolence cards many times.  Then, as I was making aroma bracelets I thought I’d like to put a crystal in each bracelet to elicit the same feelings, maybe even more often.  The lava rock bead can be used for essential oils, perfume, or cologne. I can make men, women, & child sizes.

Treat yourself with patience & love.  Don’t run, give yourself quiet time & capture the rainbows.

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