Yoga Party Sessions

Do you believe in magic?”  by The Lovin’ Spoonful is a fun, upbeat song that came across my Spotify feed on my run 7/31/20.   I was already putting together next weeks yoga flows that include concepts of flow state, music the uplifts, & favorite sounds.

I love music.  I use it as therapy.  Songs can uplift, create a mood for coming to acceptance, & many other fun emotions.  I once listened to a Podcast called Dinner Party Sessions.  It was full of wonderful old soul igniting tunes. They set a mood to enjoy family & friends, with light conversations, & laughs.

During this pandemic I feel we could use some Yoga Party Sessions.  Yoga lessons full of fun, lighthearted, & soul tugging songs.  I imagine, even though we are essentially strangers, we can lighten the mood & enjoy smiles, light conversations, & laughs.

My absolute favorite sound is the sound of my feet running trails.  I swear, when I am old and it’s time for me to leave this world, if someone would just play that sound, I’d run off into heaven.

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