Bodywork and Health

From aches and pains to hormones and depression lets talk about one way to help feel balanced.

Layers – bone, muscle, fascia

Layers – grief… that layer of deep inward sadness, rather than intellect (visceral)

Layers – anger, denial, depression

Layers – healing can be aided with reflexology and Reiki.  How?  Intellect to viscera with touch and acupressure.

Holding space for grief;  One of my yoga teachers said, what we resist persists.  Body work and space can be a step toward health.

In a book by Parker Palmer he talks about how his depression was so bad he didn’t leave the house.

Palmer describes the friend who helped him the most during his experience of depression:

“There was this one friend who came to me, after asking permission to do so, every afternoon about 4 o’clock, sat me down in a chair in the living room, took off my shoes and socks, and massaged my feet. He hardly ever said anything… And yet, out of his intuitive sense, from time to time would say a very brief word like, “I can feel your struggle today,” or, farther down the road, “I feel that you’re a little stronger at this moment, and I’m glad for that.” But beyond that, he would say hardly anything. He would give no advice. He would simply report, from time to time, what he was intuiting about my condition. Somehow he found the one place in my body, namely the soles of my feet, where I could experience some sort of connection to another human being. And the act of massaging just—in a way that I really don’t have words for—kept me connected with the human race.

What he mainly did for me, of course, was to be willing to be present to me in my suffering. He just hung in with me in this very quiet, very simple, very tactile way. And I’ve never really been able to find the words to fully express my gratitude for that, but I know it made a huge difference. And it became, for me, a metaphor of the kind of community we need to extend to people who are suffering in this way, which is a community that is neither invasive of the mystery nor evasive of the suffering, but is willing to hold people in a space, a sacred space of relationship, where somehow this person who is on the dark side of the moon can get a little confidence that they can come around to the other side.”

Note –

The rose tea set is a present to myself at a dark time.  When we were choosing flowers for my sister’s funeral, the flower shop had this tea set, and I fell in love it and brought it home. 

L A Y E R S   Tea, time, bodywork, yoga, meditation, pranayama.  I’ve tried it all.  I’m in a good place now.  And, certified in bodywork, yoga, meditation, and pranayama.  Try a session.

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