Specializing in: Trauma-informed yoga, yoga for runners, plantar fasciitis, hip pain, low back pain, myofascial release, and pelvic floor strength and how it relates to hip and low back pain, and Thai Yoga Massage.

Private yoga sessions: Individualized therapeutic classes custom created for you.  Prior to the class, a consultation will be offered to verify what you want out of the class and any issues or questions you may have.

My Yoga classes are offered at Mountain View Park, S. Alice Street, Helena Montana: If you have a small group, please inquire by texting, calling, or booking me on Square Appointments (found above). (A 5-15-minute guided meditation will be offered at the end of each class in addition to your hour-long session)


I also teach at The Loft Yoga Studio on Monday’s 12:05-12:55 and Friday’s at 1:15-2:05.

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